So, why does the world need one more software company?

Well, apart from the fact that we enjoy doing it, here is how we try to bring about a SEA-Change in the Enterprise application development.

SEA-Change 1: 

The “Cool factor”; We started our work with social networking web 2.0 sites.  After building dozens of them, we realized that people love them because of the way they let them collaborate, play while being deadly useful.

Then we told ourselves, may be this is the way to make people enjoy using the software in the office.
Typically, one associates an enterprise application with dull screens, scary alerts, boring interactivities and complex navigation. But, fact is that you can make a robust, scaleable enterprise application really cool.  Ask the guys at Google, if you don’t believe us.

Our Web 2.0 approach to enterprise application development is the first factor that makes our applications bring about a SEA-change.

SEA-Change 2:

The “Smart factor”; In our team, we have 4 Ph.Ds, 19 filed international patents, 100 peer-reviewed research papers, 200 conference presentations, work experience with Fortune 50 companies, national labs and a library load of books! Our specializations include Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, neural networks, computer simulations and rocket science (yes, one of them is a rocket scientist).

We always think about how we can apply these concepts into the applications that we build to make them do more work for you just by being that much smarter. It may be as simple as an executive dashboard, RSS-feed or a tag or as extensive as a business intelligence module. With us on board, you can be rest assured that you are not the only one thinking about specs that improve your app. We help you define a much smarter application.

SEA-Change 3:

The “Cutting edge factor”; We adopt the latest techniques, technologies for SEA development. SOA, Web2.0 and Security are the building blocks for our J2EE, .NET and Open Source development teams. Our team is also in constant search of newer tools and techniques that improve your application performance. In essence, you need not be worried about knowing how to put the latest and the best technologies to work. It is our job.

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What else do we do?

We really love doing research. If you are planning to set up a lablet and use the cost effective BOT (Build, Operate and transfer), get in touch with our R&D team here.

We are specialist Internet marketing experts. As we specialize in making applications more usable, we also love to see how the users behave when they come to your site. We also specialize in techniques that bring users to your site. So, if you have a portal and want expert marketing team to promote it online, contact our Usability and Internet marketing team here.
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