Thanks to our customers, we learned what we learned about SEA™.  As you can see, with a core focus in building smart enterprise applications, we do many types of interesting things.

We are proud to have served a whole range of customers starting from Small office home office to Fortune-500 companies. Instead of talking about our impressive customers, let us show you some really interesting pieces of work we did for them.

We are currently building a center for excellence in data analytics in India.  Our target for the client includes identifying the fields, generating IP worth an international patent and a commercial product in the first year along with establishing a high end solution development team.  Obviously we are excited about this center which we estimate will do over 20 million dollar business for the client and are honored for the trust they have on us.

We are rewriting a software application that was written 7 years back in EJB1.0 to JSF-EJB3.0-Toplink based enterprise level J2EE system.  We are revamping the UI, flow and experience completely making it cool to use for the intended users who are not techies.  This is a big challenge as the software is the differentiator for this client and we are joyous to be a part of such a task.

We built a content management system combining blogs, RSS feeds, mail campaigns, surveys, payment gateway integration, shopping cart and analytics analyzer.  It generates SEO friendly pages automatically.  In the first year of launch, over 500,000 pages were hosted, $2,000,000 worth of transactions happened for 50 clients.

We developed a whiteboard application like MS-paint.  However, this fontless reader application stores the content not as pictures but as editable fonts.  This technology helps people write in their native language and others to work on it like they work on any normal word processor.

Ajax box:

As part of our development, we built several tools like forum, shopping cart, blog and scratch pad all of which are enterprise level with the latest Ajax and web 2.0 features.

Business consulting:

A client approached us with an idea to start a classified site. We analyzed the competition, reworked the strategy and converted into a invite only club of classifieds, deals and shopping. We designed the UI, modules and implemented the site. We have developed a white paper for a client who was interested in moving from regular web site to Oracle portal and developed business strategy for a client building a datacenter.
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