SEO Elite Reciprocal Linking
This team is of the highest caliber. Not only does Dr. Murthy have a PhD in Math and rocket science (its true), he has extensive knowledge in SEO, database design, web design, hosting and emails.

His rates are always VERY fair, and low. His communication skills in English are most excellent.

He demonstrates initiative but about's a servant attitude to client needs. His timeliness is excellent - he even drops me an IM message as soon as he gets into the office each morning, in case there's anything I need. I have several full time staff working through his organization on my various projects, many of which I would simply not have been able to do without him.

Quality of work is excellent, and the depth of knowledge would leave his competitors for dead.

Highly recommended (I suppose :-) I really want him for myself!!

PS: Murthy and his team already have radically improved and re-shaped my business. I can give them virtually anything and they can handle it, leaving me to focus on CORE business of marketing, networking, doing JV's and designing new products.

It's a true win win win; and I consider it a real blessing that I have met him.

Web Site Design
I don't have enough room here to describe the professionalism, expertise, customer service and flexibility of this professional. I have used this professional for all of my work related to my corporate and individual sites.

Please do not think that because the fee is $50 shown as being paid equates to their skill level. I have paid them much more than that on projects not posted on Guru.

I really cannot emphasize how important and critical for any client to look at working with this company. I have more work for them and was reluctant to share my success because I knew they will be getting more customers and therefore I cannot have them to myself.

Their work speaks volume.I would be happy to personally speak with anyone interested in verifying their work.
Yuhanna Sherriff

CEO, Smart Ones Entertainment Group

.NET Implementation
I got this team to develop a high-end project in .NET. Their performance, communication and commitment towards work are excellent.
Ravi Natrajan

CEO, Unimindss
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